Arkema (France, CLC Central, Core Member, Industry) is a publicly traded French chemical company, Core Partner of the EIT Raw Materials (Central CLC) active in the production and commercialization of specialty chemicals and polymer materials. Arkema’s main expertise is on functional polymers, adhesives, coatings, thermoplastic composites, fluorine, sulfur and acrylic chemistries.

In the field of energy related topics, Arkema is active as a producer and developer of carbon nanotubes, novel electrolytes and electrode binders for lithium-ion batteries and as a provider of polymer encapsulates, back and front sheets and barrier layers for the fabrication of PV panels and heat transfer fluids in the CSP market, among others. In HiQ-CARB, Arkema will contribute with its binders and its improved thinner carbon nanotubes.



Dominique Plée

Supported by EIT RawMaterials